About MJRP

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Matthew Parsons is a Vancouver-based writer and radio producer. He is writing this biography in the third person in a transparent attempt to seem less self-aggrandizing.

Matthew is a frequent contributor to CBC Music’s classical section. He has worked as an associate producer for In Concert and Backstage with Ben Heppner on CBC Radio 2, and he’s contributed to various programmes on CBC Radio 1. He produces the Syrup Trap Pod Cast, he’s the co-writer of Two Matts, and bits and bobs of his work have appeared in the Vancouver Courier and Vancouver Weekly. He’s the author of Circus of Heaven, an ongoing album-by-album history of progressive rock. He is developing a radio show with the tech satire publication Gawken.

Matthew spent four years of his life holed up in practice rooms at the University of Alberta, trying to make pleasant noises with a frustrating piece of 19th-century technology. He occasionally enjoyed this pursuit, although the people around him often did not. He eventually decided writing about music was more fun than playing it, so he shipped off to Vancouver in search of fame and fortune and a masters degree in journalism from the University of British Columbia. So far, he’s got one of the three.

Matthew’s first radio documentary was highlighted as exceptional local journalism on CBC Radio 1’s The Story From Here. He is the recipient of the SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier scholarship for his masters thesis on the effects of the canon on contemporary classical music. He forces himself to think about these things every time he says something really awkward in public and momentarily despises himself.

This blog is the home of stuff Matthew writes for his own gratification. If you enjoy it, he thanks you warmly. If not, you may find him less self-indulgent elsewhere. Or, more likely, you may not.

The “JR” stands for “Jordan Ronald.”

2 thoughts on “About MJRP

  1. Tom Handford

    Enjoyed the conversation with Cheryl McKay. Recently read Philip Glass on music. Some of your allusions reminded me of his views.


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