Other work

Here is a succinct account of some things I’ve done aside from this blog.

CBC Music

I’ve written dozens of pieces for CBC Music’s classical section over several years. A few favourites include my profile of Edmonton Symphony Orchestra chief conductor Alexander Prior, a collection of remembrances of the late composer Pauline Oliveros, and an essay on the unlikely history of the oratorio. I collaborated with Radio 2’s In Concert team on a series called Revival! where we dug up forgotten or under-performed composers like Bohuslav Martinů and Jan Ladislav Dussek every week and reintroduced their music to their hordes of soon-to-be-adoring fans. Better still, I helped launch and produce a podcast called Best Operas Ever, where opera superstar Ben Heppner interviews other opera luminaries about the opera recordings that shaped their approach to music and their perspectives on the world. In non-classical work, I also curated CBC Music’s Classic Prog web radio stream.

The most substantial piece of writing I have done for CBC Music is Death and Dissonance, an interactive novella about the uncanny deaths of three influential avant-garde composers. It is currently the digital equivalent of “out of print.”

Other CBC work

I’ve worked periodically as an associate producer for In ConcertSaturday Afternoon at the Opera and Backstage with Ben Heppner on Radio 2. I’ve also contributed to B.C.’s weekend morning show, North by Northwest on Radio 1. The first documentary I made for that show was featured nationally on The Story from Here. It’s about a rare instrument and the hoops that many musicians jump through to get one. I also made a doc about a Vancouver string quartet that plays house concerts (it starts at 11:36 of the podcast I just linked), and pieces on an anthropological art exhibition (26:26 of the podcast), a jazz school (13:18), and the history of Vancouver’s Granville Street (27:06). I’ve also worked as an associate producer on The Early Edition and On the Coast.

UBC School of Journalism

I received my Master of Journalism degree at UBC in 2014. My thesis included a half-hour radio documentary about the impact of the classical canon (all of those famous dead dudes) on the contemporary concert hall. You can hear it and read my literature review here.

Other highlights of my work at UBC include co-writing a COPA-nominated multimedia piece on Vancouver noise musicians, and producing a couple of short documentaries on pianist Vicky Chow’s premiere of a major work by Steve Reich, and on an artist’s quest to build a giant racing robot — a story that ran on the Vancouver Courier‘s website.


My current pet project is Circus of Heaven, an album-by-album critical history of progressive rock. My other pet project is Omnireviewer, a weekly feature on this blog, which I also post in smaller, more media-rich bits on Tumblr.

I also produce a comedy podcast for the Syrup Trap, a humour magazine from Canada. It is called the Syrup Trap Pod Cast, and you can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and SoundCloud. I highly recommend the third episode. The creators of the Syrup Trap Pod Cast are currently developing a tech satire podcast that will tie into the satirical website Gawken.

In 2013, I reviewed a few concerts for Vancouver Weekly. In 2014, I was peripherally involved in a short-lived startup called WORST Magazine, which if nothing else was an opportunity to write some fun blog posts. Alas, they appear to have vanished into the online ether.

Also, I used to write a blog called Two Matts with my fellow music nerd Matt Meuse. We have totally different taste in music, and we make each other listen to albums that are way outside of our respective wheelhouses. It is currently on hiatus, but was great fun and will likely come back some day.

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